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The Big Red Bus SC was launched in 2019 by dedicated partners who believed that a ride around town could be more fun and exciting than just “a ride around town”. While the double-decker concept is not a new one, it is certainly new to The Myrtle Beach scene. It is South Carolinas first registered double-decker bus and we are proud to be a part of adding something new to our city that is not only a different perspective in transportation here but a fun way to see the sights and lights! Big Red was shipped over from England into the Jacksonville Port. It was a true closed-top double-decker, so we worked to have the top removed in order to create an open-aired upstairs. We put our hearts and souls into making it unique, with a BIG red flair! Our hopes are to bring more double-decker buses to this fun-loving city to create a “tour like never before” and a more interesting way to hop on and see the sights. We are striving to create new tours every day to accommodate all interest levels for each and every one of our passengers. We are committed to our riders, their safety, and an unforgettable experience with us!